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Today I woke up early to sign up for classes! Then ten hours later I dumped 3/4th of those and enrolled in new ones. I'm not going to go into the details because all of the scheduling this time was too stressful and overwhelming, but I'm actually really pleased with what I ended up with! I'm taking Intercultural Writing for just under three hours every Monday (it's with a professor I like, and I don't really know what we're going to learn about, so I'm excited), then I'm taking a course on the French Revolution (FINALLY, I've only been saying I'm going to for like thirty years), and then a literature course on popular culture. In the latter, we're going to read On the Road! I remember talking about that in some English class in high school, but I don't remember which one. For some reason back then I was really envious of Kerouac. Not really sure why; I haven't thought about that in years.

I had yesterday off, but all I did was watch the twelfth Pokémon movie. It was actually pretty good, although all the time paradoxes in the end kind of made my head hurt. Also, the villain from the previous movie, Zero, showed up in the ending credits and was given a tiny version of his computer (who takes the form of a girl), and he was SO happy to see her. It was adorable.

The other night I thought, "I want to watch something uplifting." I ended up watching the Naruto Shippuden episode where Spoiler dies. Predictably I cried through it, just as I've done every time I've read that arc in the manga. Especially that part where he says how he couldn't rescue Orochimaru, aaaah. Anyway, I can't wait to watch last week's episode, since Suigetsu's in it! I want to make more icons. I can't believe we're finally in the Sasuke Eye Removal arc! It's my second-favorite arc.

Tomorrow I'm going to be walking on the beach! I have no beach shoes, so I'm sacrificing my Explicit Content Inside Converse high-tops. (They're on their last leg anyway; I have to get more shoes.) Then this weekend I have to go actually find some nice dress clothes, since I have an interview on Monday for my internship. Still so much left to do this quarter!
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