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Today I was proactive AGAIN and went to a practicum info session. I was wondering if I'd find out how long the proposals are supposed to be, so I figured I might as well go. Predictably, the proposal wasn't even mentioned, just what you could do to satisfy the practicum in the first place. But I did get a pack of Whoppers out of it! And the adviser said that if you're doing an internship, then she pretty much approves you automatically, which was nice to hear. Then on the way out I looked at a bulletin board which stated the maximum length for proposals, so in the end it wasn't a wasted trip.

Then I went to Burger King, since I had a coupon for a free Whopper. I guess that was the theme of today. I had a Diet Coke too, of course.

Next Friday I'm going to have to do stuff too; I have to go on the beach walk for my Natural Disasters class. Plus while I'm down there, I figure I'll go the aquarium, since we have to do an assignment there too for the class. Might as well save time, and I get in free because I'll be going through the educator entrance.

Oh yeah, and I have next Wednesday off! It's so weird to have the middle of the week off.


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