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Today I was proactive and went to see a History adviser about getting a minor! She told me that apparently I can waive both the lower-division requirements because of my AP scores (YESSSS), so all I have to do is take four more upper-div courses! It turns out that I have to take them for a letter grade, but oh well. I've never actually taken anything P/NP because my pride gets in the way and goes, "Wait, if you choose that option, it's like admitting you won't get an A." I just can't do it.

So in another week I'll be signing up for classes! It's that uncomfortable time of the quarter where I worry that all the spots are going to be filled before I get there. In fact, there are only 12 more spots in the writing class I want to take, noooo. I ran into a minor snafu yesterday when my school changed that class from a T/Th one to a M/W one, thus destroying the perfect schedule I'd created, but I've come up with another bunch of classes I want to take instead! One of which is that Italian Works in Translation class that I REALLY REALLY wanted to take (for whatever reason), so it works out. I JUST HOPE I GET THAT WRITING CLASS.
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