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So today I was super nervous for a few reasons, and then my body decided to do that secret stress thing today so I was in TERRIBLE physical condition. But then everything turned out well for the most part, so I'm just so relieved.

First I had to present the revision of my play scenario to my playwriting class! They gave one suggestion about it, and I was like, "Oh yeah, that would be better than how it is now, thanks," and then my TA said he loved the scenario and couldn't wait to read it! And I was the only person told that today, aaaah so happy. (I think I'm feeling inspired to go on to taking a screenwriting class, whenever they're offering that. I always do write things in my head more for tv or movies than novel format, so I really should look into it.)

Then much later in the day my story was being reviewed in my fiction class, and it was the last one (out of three) that we were discussing today so it was kind of nervewracking. And then everyone loved it except for like two people AAAAAAAH I AM SO HAPPY. They wrote me such nice comments on the letters they gave me. ;; I'm so glad everything turned out for the best. I'll just continue to believe in myself!!

I am so tired right now, so thank goodness tomorrow's Friday. WHAT A STRESSFUL WEEK. But I think I'll be able to take it easy(ish) for the next few days.


MY INTERNET DIED ON ME. It had been acting up for the past week (not connecting me for like an hour after starting my computer), but it stopped working all together last night at 11:30 (right before I was about to post the above). So today I had to talk to three people. The first two were helpful, but the third was from a different company (my router stopped working, so I called my cable company first and they sent me to the router makers) who offered no good solutions. So I resorted to using my 30-foot connector cable, and that worked! Only now it stretches across three rooms and is both an eyesore and a hazard. I can't wait to talk to my roommate about it when she gets home! This crap always seems to happen to me.
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