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Today I had to leave super early again for that Academic Internship appointment. The director asked me if my goal was to make comic strips, and I was like, "Um... Sure." She kept calling them that. Basically I can't do anything until I get paperwork signed, plus I have to find a faculty adviser to oversee me, which is awesome since I have only talked to two professors ever and neither will fit this. I guess I'll just randomly email someone and be like, "You don't know me, but could you help me out? :)" Not quite looking forward to that. Next quarter I'll have to write a 10-page paper about my internship, but the director said I could make a comic strip instead! If only I could draw. (Honestly, the other night I was mapping out bl manga in my head; I wish I had an artist friend aaaaah.)

Other school news! On Thursday we had to present our play scenarios, and everyone terribly misheard one of my character's names, so everyone laughed at me. And then when they finally quieted down so I could continue, I cracked a joke about it and everyone laughed again. I was pretty pleased, haha. Anyway, my TA suggested that I take my protagonist, who was the fiancee of one of the characters, and figure out 5-10 other things she could be. He said she could be a cousin instead, and everyone was like, "But what about the sexual tension?!" and he was like, "Well, you could keep that in," and everyone started freaking out about incest, while I was like, "DON'T SUGGEST THINGS LIKE THAT TO ME; I'LL TAKE YOU UP ON IT." And I almost went down that route! But in the end I worked out something else that led to me completely revamping the plot, and I like it a lot more now!

Meanwhile, I had to write a story for fiction class that I'm not sure about, but I'm handing it in anyway. I realized that if you were classifying it like manga, it'd be jousei, and the thought of me writing jousei is weird and strange. Wonder if my class will like it...

Anyway, I finally have free time for the first time in over a week! "What about your science homework?" Ah, yes, free time, how I've missed you! I'm going to spend the rest of the night (such as it is) catching up on all the television I've fallen way behind on. Guess I'll start with White Collar.


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